For those of you planning to enter our Cosplay masquerade we are pleased to confirm the Cosplay sign-up page is now live.

We can also announce the first two of our guest judges for the weekend:

David Roth - Exeter Cosplay

Based in Exeter, David has been going to comic conventions since 2013 and over the last few years has been celebrated as a prize winner and then guest at conventions and other events across the UK with his easily recognisable Chaos Space Marine striding through the crowds at around 9 foot tall. Most recently David has attended major Showmasters conventions including London Film and Comic Con in his latest large build costume - Space Marine Darth Vader. Since July 2015 David has also featured in and out of his armour in the massively popular YouTube videos: Real Life First Person Shooter Levels 1 & 2 and the Real Life Hitman Experience ... For costume photos and updates on future events and projects please look on : Facebook "David Roth - Exeter cosplay" Instagram "exetercosplay" Twitter "@roth1982" See videos featuring David and friends on YouTube channel "Realm Pictures" 

exter cosplay

Photographer credit: Laughing Orc Photography


Lady Valentine

Lady Valentine is a costume designer, creator and all around fun loving, based in Rossendale. U.K. She discovered cosplay by chance while on tour in 2012, when a fellow geek asked if she wanted to come along to London 2013 when they got back. She had no prior skills in costume making or how to style wigs. However, Lady has always been creative and enjoys things like drawing, Photo editing and design, so she quickly merged in to the wonderful world of cosplay. Lady is mostly self-taught, with a few YouTube videos and tutorials to help her on her way. With a love for Harley Quinn, her costumes started there, firstly with Arkham city Harley and later moving on to Arkham asylum. Over the years, Lady has managed to refine her skill in to quick builds, creating a popular cosplay in a matter of days, due to fitting cosplay round a busy lifestyle. She has made costumes like Poison ivy and Punk Harley in her own original designs.But, no matter where Cosplay has taken her, Lady still likes the little things in life, so you will most likely find her finishing a costume, in the hotel, the night before the convention. Through hard work, more fabric glue than you thought possible and the love of cosplay, Lady has emerged herself in to the cosplay community and now has her sights set on bigger and better builds!

lady valentine

Photographer credit: Food and Cosplay



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