So what is the communities zone all about? 

Back in the day community gaming would involve dragging your PC to a friend's house for a LAN party, or squeezing onto the sofa to tackle split-screen local co-op. Now, however, we have online communities too and we want to celebrate these at PLAY Expo in our Community Zone.

The Community Zone will be a dedicated area for various online communities to come to the expo and meet their members and welcome new ones on the day. Members of these communities can finally put a name to the faces of the people they've been gaming with online or laughing with in forums or social media. Essentially its a space at PLAY Expo Manchester that we give to any online gaming communities to meet up and engage with their members!

Last year we had many gaming communities take part - we saw the Ringmaster bring his amazing Video Game Carnival with its side show of weird and wonderful gaming items, Dreamcast Junkyard came along and brought many rare and prototype games and Dreamcast add-ons, Retro Collect were in force running prize tournaments, giveaways and generally having a lot of fun plus long term supporters The Museum of Comuting came along with their retro VR machines and rare computer items. Many other communities and clubs attended - all were unique, fun and most of all provided something different for the show which attendees LOVED!

If you are a member of any gaming community and you would like to join us in our communites zone, we can provide you with space, power, backboard to affix branding and free tickets for any organisers. Please use the contact us form to register your interest. We will update this page in due course once communities confirm their attendance.


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