We're incredibly excited to announce that this years PLAY Expo Blackpool is sponsored by none other than Antstream Arcade!

Antstream Arcade allows you to play an ever-expanding library of thousands of retro games, including classics such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Bomb Jack and more, streamed straight to your computer, console, or mobile device. No downloads. No faff. Just instant fun!
They've also added exclusively coded challenges to take on your friends or foes, and every week Antstream run a tournament featuring a unique challenge to see where you stack up globally. This is retrogaming reinvented.

Alongside our recently announced guest Steve Cottam, the CEO of Antstream, Antstream are going to be running exclusive tournaments at PLAY Expo Blackpool with some cracking prizes up for grabs when you attend the event.

All three of these tournaments will run until 3pm on the Sunday of PLAY Expo Blackpool so you'll have plenty of time to take part both online via Antstream Arcade and at the show!

1 1

Bubble Bobble - 
Bubby and Bobby have been transformed into bubble dragons by a wizard! Help them rescue their kidnapped girlfriends from the wizard's cave while in their new dragon forms!

Challenge - Snack Dragon
13th Oct @ 2pm
Feed the beast. You have one life to eat all the food, but only ten levels to do it in!

2 1

Marble Madness -
Are you ready to rock and roll? Avoid pitfalls and obstacles or you’ll lose your marbles in this classic dexterity challenge!

Challenge - Practice Gets You Killed
18th Oct @ 2pm
Roll quickly to the finish line to get the best high score while doing so!

3 1

Dangun Feveron - 
Disco music meets space-shooter in this manic funk 'em-up.

Challenge - One Chance Disco Inferno
21st Oct @ 2pm
Dance your one life away and score as many points as possible!

You can find out more about Antstream Arcade over on their website.

So make sure you head over to the Antstream booth at this years PLAY Expo to take part in the fun!


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