Pixel Addict Magazine is partnering with PLAY Expo Blackpool!

Since launching the magazine this year, the digital culture magazine for classic computing and retro gaming enthusiasts has covered the latest in the retrogaming homebrew scene, various events, programming guides and more. As a thank you to their readers for their support, and to celebrate the return of PLAY Expo to Blackpool, they are giving away a copy of their 1st issue to the first 500 attendees at the event.

Pixel Addict will take you back to the era of dial-up modems, floppy disks and dot matrix printers as we reflect on the history of personal computing and its legacy today. Each issue will focus on the cultural impact of home computing with hardware profiles, interviews, vintage software and game reviews. Whether it's the Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 or MS-DOS; Pixel Addict will share in your love of pioneering digital technology. The magazine is printed in full-colour A4, and is available in print and digital download versions. We aim to provide a fun, engaging magazine to reflect the current vintage computing and retro gaming scene.


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