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Bex returns to host more panels & features this PLAY Expo Blackpool all weekend long!
A seasoned presenter and interviewer as well as indie game voice actor and content creator. Their content focuses on geek nonsense, nostalgia and improv comedy with some retro and indie games thrown in for good measure.
Check them out 5 days a week as @TristaBytes on Twitch & Youtube and give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Andy is a passionate retro gamer who loves experimenting with electronics and gadgets. In 2018 he got fed up with the big companies neglecting lightgun games since CRT televisions died out. He decided to make a lightgun that would work on a modern television as good as a classic CRT lightgun.
He created the Sinden Lightgun, an innovative new camera based lightgun technology. Since then, with the help of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns he has shipped over 10,000 Sinden lightguns to excited customers all around the world.
The goal of the Sinden Lightgun project is to properly bring back the lightgun genre on modern consoles for modern televisions.

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David, also known as MameHaze, is an emulation developer based in Derby, UK. He is primarily known for his work within the MAME project, where he has been involved for in excess of 20 years, bringing support for many classic arcade games, and more recently even plug & play consoles to the venerable emulator. He has also dabbled in game development and the commercial side of emulation outside of MAME.

Recently he has balanced this emulation development with his own YouTube where you can find a mix of livestreams and MAME progress reports, the latter highlighting the direction in which the emulator is heading. His yearly summary posts at have also proven to be popular and often show progress from the development team that could have otherwise slipped under the radar.

Some examples of popular arcade games that are playable in MAME thanks to David’s work over the years include Capcom’s Street Fighter III, Cave’s DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, Kaneko’s Puzzloop, Psikyo’s Strikers 1945 II, WWF Wrestlefest from Technos, and Ken Sei Mogura, the slightly more obscure Whac-a-mole style Street Fighter 2 game. If asked, he’ll likely tell you that he is more proud of the work done on games and systems that would otherwise have been forgotten however!

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Sean is the Marketing Manager for Blaze Entertainment, responsible for the marketing and PR of the Evercade family of devices and cartridges. He comes from a games and tech journalism and marketing background with over a decade in the industry.
His hobby is retro collecting with an eye specifically on racing games and he’s currently trying to get every OutRun and all official F1 games ever released.

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Steve is the founder and CEO of Antstream Arcade, the world’s first and largest cloud gaming platform for Retro game fans.

Steve played his first game, Manic Miner, in 1982 inspiring him to learn coding on the MSX and Amiga computers. In 1994 he launched and sold his first game Nitro Racers on the PC, before moving into a successful career leading IT projects and web projects in the financial and digital media sectors.

In 1999, Steve was instrumental in the design of the Y2K government incident management system which was designed to capture doomsday events as the clocks turned to 1st Jan 2000. Anticipating everything from exploding toasters to rogue nuclear missiles. His interest in cloud gaming was spawned from a banking project where he was moving PC desktops into the cloud.

With gaming still very much in his DNA, in 2013, Steve founded Antstream to bring the world's most beloved games to gamers everywhere. His belief in centralising content is the driving force to fulfil his vision of a gaming service as ubiquitous as Spotify and Netflix. He is eminently positive and lives by the mantra ‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right!’


Panel & Mikey and Janie's Retro Gameshow Guests - 

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Panel MikeyJanie Social

Mikey & Janie's Retro Gameshow comes to Play Blackpool!
Twitch's married UK retro streamers bring their famous interactive quiz to the Norbreck. And they've got some of your favourite YouTube and Twitch Retro stars on the Panel to battle it out 2 versus 2.

With Questions that promise a tougher challenge than capturing stable RGB from the Acorn Electron to your Elgato- Quang, Kim, Bex and Sorax will battle it out to win "The Golden Scart Lead"!
Featuring special appearances by some of your favourite Retro machines and the chance to play along in the audience through your phone; will you beat the teams and nab the Scart lead for yourself?!

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest Quang Social

QuangDX is a retrogaming developer, collector, and active community member. Founder of indie micro studio,, who released Super JetPak DX for Nintendo GameBoy in 2020 as a physical boxed game with manual, and are now working on their new unique turn based logic puzzle GameBoy game, D*Fuzed which you can play over in our Indie Zone!

QuangDX is also known for their retro inspired, Super Scaler love letter, MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon Fantasy Adventure, shown at PLAY Expo and many other events.

As a retro collector, QuangDX has made it his mission to collect one of every retail video game console ever released, complete in their boxes. To help preserve the history for everyone to enjoy. If you have played on a Pioneer Laseractive, or Panasonic Q Gamecube, or Divers 2000 CX-1 Dreamcast TV at a retrogaming event, that was probably from his collection!

Many of the UK Retrogaming YouTube channels have showcased items from Quang’s collection in multiple videos, from Ashens to Nostalgia Nerd, Top Hat Gaming Man, and Octav1us King.

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest KimJustice Social 1

Kim Justice is a YouTube documentarian who covers old microcomputer stories and anything else that tickles her fancy!
She is also a Twitch streamer and journalist who's been published in mags such as Retro Gamer, Amiga Addict and Wireframe!

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest SoraxSpace Social

Sorax is a comedic content creator who explores games from all eras on his YouTube channel “Sorax Space”. His emphasis truly is on comedy; videos tend to be jam-packed with jokes with the sole aim of getting as many laughs from the game in question as possible. His comedy style has been described as wry, dry, witty, punny, and heavily sarcastic…Even a little dark, at times!

Whilst he has featured a wide variety of games from computers and consoles such as the ZX Spectrum, PS1, PS2 and the Wii, his first ever console was the Sega Mega Drive, thus Sega and specifically Sonic The Hedgehog inspired his love for gaming from an early age. In addition to his Sorax Space series, Sorax makes reviews, skits, commentary and unboxings, and has collaborated, written and edited for other well-known YouTubers within the retro gaming community.

You can follow him @SoraxSpace on social media and become a beloved “Sorax Spacer” over on YouTube!

Antstream Panel - 

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest Cottam Social 1

Isobel Potter - Marketing Manager

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Isobel is the Marketing Manager at Antstream Arcade. She's been playing video games for as long as she can remember. Isobel enjoys both modern and retro games - some of her favourites are Legend of Zelda, DOTA2, and Resident Evil.

After studying International Relations at London School of Economics and a short stint doing marketing at a recruitment firm, Isobel joined Antstream Arcade in 2019, to pursue her dream of working in the gaming industry. One of her favourite parts of working at Antstream is learning about the history of different games and consoles.

Oliver Woods - Head of Technology

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Oliver is the Head of Technology at Antstream Arcade.
Oliver’s first game was Space Invaders on the Atari VCS, moving on through the years on Spectrum, Amiga, SNES and PlayStation. He taught himself to code on the Amiga using the AMOS programming language.
A big retro fan, he has previously worked at the BBC and Creative Assembly and can’t quite believe he gets to play his favourite old games and be on the cutting edge of technology at the same time.
Favourite games are R-type, Chase HQ, and the original Star Wars Arcade.

Phil Sandiford aka Yellow Belly - Developer

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Phil is a 50+ year old still living in the 80's, Youtuber and Indy Amstrad CPC Game Developer (YB Soft). His title Bug’s Quest for tapes recently raised £2.5k for MacMillan Cancer Support and the game will be the first ever Amstrad CPC launched on Antstream this weekend at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

Content Creator Panel - 

Lady Decade - 

PlayExpoMargate2020 Guest LadyDecade 1040x585 1

Lady Decade is a Retro Gaming YouTuber who creates documentary style content focused around mysterious unreleased games, hardware and the development stories behind them. Recently, this has included a video on cancelled Streets of Rage games that even caught the attention and praise of Yuzo Koshiro himself, confirming they mirror his own memories.

Top Hat Gaming Man - 

PlayExpoMargate2020 Guest Tophat 1040x585 1

Top Hat Gaming Man is a Gaming YouTuber and Video Game Collector, whose current niche is the in-depth history of various old school "violent" video games, focusing on the lore, characters and development stories for the likes of Fighting Games, Beat-em-Ups and Wrestling titles. This is perfectly apt for a gentleman who, prior to YouTube, worked as a professional wrestler, still taking bookings to this day.

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest KimJustice Social 1

Tamaracade - 

tamaracade 1

Tamaracade is a YouTuber who makes retro gaming videos. She's have been gaming since she was a toddler and loves to play games from across the decades. She does in-depth comedic reviews of old games that she finds interesting. She also do let's plays, unboxings, and pick up videos too!

RE PlayBlackpool2021 Guest Quang Social

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