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The indie zone - a chance to try out some of the quirkier games before they are available to buy and then chat with the developers, give feedback on the game and maybe even make some suggestions that might find their way into the final release of the game. Here are the details of the indie games we've lined up for you at PLAY Expo Blackpool this year.

Bloody Zombies (nDreams)

bloody zombies

London has been lost to the undead plague. Overrun by hordes of mutated zombies, the last hope rests in the united fists of four lone outcasts. Using brutal combat skills to survive in this new world, they must form a fragile  alliance  to  smash,  slash  &  brawl  through  the undead horde and save what is left of their broken city.


Space Toads Mayhem (Lukasz Snopkiewicz)

space toads mayhem

Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s - some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles. It's a challenging, reflex-based game, rewarding a player who enjoys fast-paced action and can utilise enemy behaviour to his / her advantage.


MaoMao Castle (

maomaos castle

Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon make it back to his castle, avoid obstacles, collect rainbows, and rack up points. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars, and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. Perform deft manoeuvres by gliding your finger across the glass of your mobile device, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


Hyper Sentinel – (Huey Games)

hyper sentinel

Hyper Sentinel – a retro inspired shoot ‘em up delivering classic arcade action for steam, consoles and mobile. Featuring 12 action-packed levels, exciting power ups and epic boss battles, Hyper Sentinel is a super-slick, ultra-fast arcade shooter running at 60fps with explosive pixel-art visuals.


SinisterSoccer (SinisterSoft)

sinister soccer

90’s style retro arcade soccer / football game for both handheld and TV devices. Quick 3 minute games, play anywhere, anytime. Choose your favourite team, play in their colours, any orientation – flip between landscape and portrait play anytime you like, whichever format suits you best. Supports joypad, mouse, keyboard and touch controls – play any way you want!


Medieval Steve (JForth Designs)

medieval steve

Medieval Steve has been tasked with the taskiest of tasks! He must gather all the broken pieces of the shattered world, in order to save everyone! 


All Contact Lost (1st Impact Games)

all contact lost

All Contact Lost is a Sci-Fi survival FPS where the player is put in charge of building a colony on the moon, backed by four other colonists, you must scavenge materials, build powerful defences, command your team and fight to endure the horror below the surface known as the Acari. From building perimeter fences to heavy siege walls and manned turrets to automated annihilators, you must turn the tide as increasingly powerful enemies emerge through the web of tunnels. Will your team survive? Will you create a sustainable sanctuary? Will you dare to strike back and end it once and for all?


Shadow of the Beast (Moon Storm Studios)

shadow of the beast 

Follow your destiny along the path of the warrior. Two colossal armies wage war across the mysterious, ancient  ruins of Kara-moon. The fight for the future of humanity begins as your battle leads you to the discovery of a dark secret. 


Our indie games zone will also contain some of the most popular four player indie games such as Rocket League, Gang Beasts and Overcooked as well as some of the classic indie games which kick-started the indie revolution - Braid, Fez, Trine, Super Meat Boy and others.

If you are an independent game developer we want to hear from you today! Please get in touch using our become an exhibitor form and we will provide more details on how you can show your game at PLAY Expo.

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