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Our RETRO SPECIAL will see our biggest ever selection of consoles, computers, handhelds and PCs on the show floor. We are aiming for over 200 machines this year! We will expand all areas of retro - the classic PC games section which we launched at Blackpool earlier this year will return as will the handheld games section.

We will still have our lounge area - the four player games where you can take on your friends or family. Think you're a hot shot? Then get yourself over to the Lightgun area.

Replay Ages is a timeslice of the past 40 years of games which will be featuring practically every conceivable of console and home computer, each running a selection of the best games for each system.

So whether you’re Sinclair, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sony or even a Xbox fan, there will be something for everyone. And of course we’ll have a selection of games for each system too, so if you can’t choose Manic Miner over Decathlon or Gran Turismo over Crash Bandicoot don’t worry our event staff will be on hand to help you find your favourite game.

We’ll have more news on the rest of the retro goodness over the next few months!

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